Conveyor Belt Scanning

Our system for conveyor belt scanning uses laser scanners to measure the volume of material on continuous conveyors or conveyor belts. It enables a reliable determination of the conveying capacity – even under difficult environmental conditions.


The difficulty of an exact measurement of material flow rates lies in the harsh, often dusty, wet or foggy environmental conditions or in the evaluation of current process conditions.

In contrast to other products, our system is able to generate reliable values even under these difficult conditions. Even with very dark materials or particularly fast belts, measurements can be carried out successfully. The material is measured very accurately under production conditions with an error of less than 2%.

The extraction of process parameters, such as volume, belt position and centre of gravity of the transported masses on the belt, helps to control and optimise the loading process. In addition to these values, the material flow itself is also analysed in order to determine the properties of the transported material.



• Recycling stations and landfills for recyclable materials
• Bulk cargo transport and loading
• Sorting facilities
• Steel processing industry
• Food and luxury food industry
• Open-pit mining and underground mining


The system can be used in a variety of different applications, e.g. in open-cast mining and mining (lignite, sand, gravel etc.), in recycling stations and recycling landfills, in sorting facilities, in the steel processing industry, in bulk cargo loading and unloading in ports or in the food and beverage industry (coffee, tobacco, grain, maize etc.). Data concerning volume, mass, type and property of the material can be precisely determined by Syperion Conveyor Belt Scanning and used to optimise your industrial processes.


Please contact us and we will help you to develop an optimal solution for your application.

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