Syperion ArmourCase

The Syperion ArmourCase is a protective housing for 3D laser scanners from manufacturer Riegl. It is used wherever particularly harsh environmental conditions prevail.


The Syperion ArmourCase protects 3D laser scanners against harsh external environmental conditions such as dust, hail, sunlight, etc. and supplies them with power and the network connection. Thanks to the protective housing the protection class of the laser scanner can be increased from IP64 to IP66. In addition, the range of operating temperature increases from originally -10°C to +40°C to -25°C to +45°C.

The ArmourCase consists of a housing including electronics for control and air conditioning. The laser scanner is installed inside the ArmourCase and is therefore no longer directly accessible. However, it continues to operate autonomously, i.e. there is no mechanical connection between the scanner and the housing. The ArmourCase measures the current position of the scanner head and follows its movement. The 3D function of the laser scanner is also supported for 360° scans. Communication between the scanner and the ArmourCase is Ethernet-based via TCP/IP communication.



Syperion ArmourCase


The ArmourCase is suitable as a protective housing for the following 3D laser scanners from the manufacturer Riegl:

  • Riegl VZ-200
  • Riegl VZ-400
  • Riegl VZ-400i
  • Riegl VZ-2000i

Further scanner types can also be used.


  • Increase of the protection class of the laser scanner to IP66 according to EN 60529 (originally IP64).
  • Increase of the operating temperature range to -25°C to +45°C (originally -10°C to +40°C). Even in direct sunlight.
  • The scanner can be switched off completely and switched on remotely.
  • Protection of the scanner against harsh environmental conditions such as dust, hail, sunlight etc.


The Syperion ArmourCase is used wherever the normal protection class of the laser scanner is not sufficient, whether in the mining industry, the steel industry, in the vicinity of ports, etc.


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